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trip and roll
как описывает трип брат (близнец. как хорошо иметь брата!):

I felt as if glass was engulfing my reality as I looked down from the craters on the blue moon. I became nothing more than a skeleton moving through the air. Where a reflection should have been a gate opened in which I saw something that was almost me. I climbed on walls from which I could not move. I was alone even when you where holding my hand. I felt like nothing ever before and now feel trapped as I move with great effort through this still motion we call life. It was 5 years ago and yet I still remember it as if it where yesterday.

<3 you twin, that trip was crazy and I'm glad you where there!
but no more till HARD XD hahaha

некоторые cсылки понятны только нам одним. *потом опишу

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trip and roll
ПТ: ~650 mg DXM

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