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Записи с темой: weed (список заголовков)

trip and roll

вот наша бэбечка на фоне рыбок

назвали Кевином, в честь умершего брата моего близнеца

еще не знаем какой породы или пола, но надеемся, что девочка

стану ботаником блин

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trip and roll
было правило не держать ничего на себе, потому что очень легко попасться

подарил на день благодарения благодарный благоверный. ну что выбрасывать теперь что ли?

OG Kush is a super-potent variety of medical-grade Cannabis with very distinct aroma, appearance and long-lasting psychoactive and physiological effects.

OG Kush is a mostly Cannabis Sativa hybrid, clone-only cultivar found widely in Greater Los Angeles (Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura Counties), California, USA. The species is rumored to be another name for the legendary Chemdog (a.k.a. "Chemdawg" or "Chem";) cultivar of Colorado/Wyoming, USA. In this widespread rumor, a 'cutting' (clone) of the "'91 Chemdog" made its way to Lake Tahoe, California early in the 1990's and that OG Kush is an 'S1' (1st generation offspring of a self-pollinated hermaphrodite) of this crop but it is only privately available in clone form and not in seed. Although not a "Kush," OG Kush does possess some Indica (Cannabis Sativa, Supspecies Indica) traits and it is rumored that it may have some Kush bred in its genetic heritage. However, it is mostly a Sativa in both phenotype and psychoactive effects when consumed. Some have described its effects as both cerebrally and physically stimulating and it's smell as "lemony pine-sol." The mature flowers usually appear as large and dense, lime-green clusters covered with copious amounts of "white" resin. It has sold on average for $75.00 USD for 1/8 ounce in most areas of Greater Los Angeles in 2007/2008.
urban dictionary

говорит, что сделает из вас настоящего торчка — который отличает kush от chronic

а ты что, ты просто чувствуешь разные потолки, а сказать ничего не можешь. как собака

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